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The Rise of M2M

I have recently attended M2M India Conclave 2013 in Mumbai. M2M communication is an emerging technology worldwide with interesting applications and promising business opportunities. I was surprised to see the maturity of Indian market with its growing vendors in cross section of M2M solutions like sensors, application platforms and a few rich applications in specific industries. The trend is clearly emerging to demonstrate the fact that M2M is one of the fastest growing industries in India and across the world as well.

I see that there are two main forces behind the growth of M2M based solutions – 1. Availability of affordable sensors and 2. Emerging technologies like Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile to process massive amount of real-time machine data and present actionable insights.

These two forces are leading to the growth of reliable platforms and innovative applications catering to specific needs of the industry.



Today, sensors are available to capture any kind of data that can be recorded in machines either in analog or digital form. The widespread availability of sensors at affordable cost facilitated monitoring critical machines to improve their uptime, predict possible failures and take up just in time maintenance. Data from key elements like temperature, light, humidity, fuel consumption, vibrations, noise etc. can be easily captured from machines in real-time, sent to data centers in house or on cloud for further analysis. Digi is one of the leading vendors of sensors across the globe.



Big Data technologies have transformative impact on many of the industries and M2M is no exception to it. Open source as well as commercial tools are available to process historical data and also the streaming machine data in real-time. As the machines started to communicate each other and produce huge amount of data, the need for big data processing is obvious and the timing of the availability of these technologies is opt leading to the massive growth of this industry. There are tremendous opportunities in the cross section of these technology areas – M2M and Big Data.



With growing sensors and availability of data processing technologies, there is an increase in the rise of interesting M2M platforms that open up possibilities for innovative applications development. M2M platform from WebNMS and Flutura have particularly caught my attention at the event.



We have seen the inception and rise of software industry in the last 50 years. The birth of computers (hardware) initially has opened up opportunity for development of robust operating systems (platforms) which lead to the development of applications to transform the world we see today. Hardware and platforms became a commodity sooner than the applications because there is practically no limit to the scope of applications. It is the beginning of M2M era and we are in early stages of platform and application development. The future is for application developers ready to grab. I see another promising 50 years of exciting times in this industry.

Have you witnessed any interesting M2M solutions? How do you see them impacting the industry you are in?


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Available in ebook, print and audiobook

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