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Do you know what’s stopping you from getting your dream job?

Ever thought what stops you from landing your dream job? It’s your assumptions – some genuine, some baseless.

There is interesting thing going on here. We often do not consciously know what our assumptions are, and worst yet, we often forget that even genuine assumptions have ways to break them so that we can achieve what we always dream about. Continue reading

Why you need systems to accomplish difficult tasks?

Taking decisions about things need energy in our brain, even if it’s for trivial decisions like whether to call someone, when to call etc.  Human brain tries to save energy all the time so that it can be well equipped for tougher challenges.  So we often suffer lack of motivation to do things in which we do not see immediate value. Continue reading

Career Success Triggers

We all have great career aspirations.  We always dream about ideal jobs that we love to get, but often do not know where to find them, how to approach recruiters and how to secure them.  We see people in our network getting jobs that we love, feel jealous about them and try to justify ourselves for not getting such jobs, saying – I do not have that experience/ skill set/ network etc. Continue reading