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Why you need systems to accomplish difficult tasks?

Taking decisions about things need energy in our brain, even if it’s for trivial decisions like whether to call someone, when to call etc.  Human brain tries to save energy all the time so that it can be well equipped for tougher challenges.  So we often suffer lack of motivation to do things in which we do not see immediate value.

Systems help us overcome the problem with lack of motivation.  You can quickly scale up number of things you can do in a day, using right systems and keep correcting them on the course.

Let me share one simple system from the vault of my personal systems.  I am sure you will be able to achieve your goals 2X or even up to 5X faster than what you can achieve before.  Just ask yourself what is the ONE THING you want to accomplish today that leaves you satisfied for the day.  Be specific about your task to a concrete action that you can do today in less than couple of hours.  I know you also need to do your daily chores as part of your workday.  Anything that takes more than 2 hours can easily be slipped away in the schedule unless you dedicate your day for it.  Once you choose what you want to accomplish, block your calendar for this.  You cannot expect results without allocating resources and applying them genuinely.  If you can manage to stick to this system for 3 weeks in a row, I am sure you would be amazed with the results.

Systems help us in automating difficult part of our work.  Decisions are already crystallized in systems and they also help us create the right tools to take action.  You don’t need any extra effort to take action.  You just do it following the predefined process.  Repeated realization of expected results gives you a kind of reinforcement and slowly creates a habit for you.  Once it becomes a habit, the system will be your second nature and you don’t need any motivation to do that task.

How does this systems approach work in finding a job?  Whether we notice it or not, we already follow a process to search, apply, pursue, get interviewed and get selected for any job.  When we fail in this process repeatedly, we tend to blame ourselves and label ourselves incapable or attribute our failure to bad economy.  We often fail to understand that it is the process we followed was imperfect, but not necessarily our capabilities.  Once you understand and convince yourself about the imperfect process you used, you start experimenting with it to make it perfect.  That’s what you need to do for every stage of finding a job.  Once you have system that works, you can use it repeatedly to enjoy your dream job today, tomorrow and forever.

Finding career you love is a long term and rather difficult process.  There are no quick fix solutions for it.  If you are apply for a job that looks attractive on the job portal and manage to get it somehow, most probably you end up finding no love with it.  Why so? Because, you never validated that job whether it is suitable for you or not.  You need to do a lot of preparatory work before even applying for a job.  You can save years of time this way and get disproportionate results at every stage of getting your job.  I have built systems to identify – what’s my dream job, how do I validate it to ensure that I love that job after getting it, whom to approach to find a possible opening for me, how do write my resume that immediately get noticed, mastering interview battles, how to get what I want on the negotiation table etc.  By now, I also have a decent system to survive in the new company during the first 90 days to deliver value quickly and build my image which is crucial for being a high performer.

I would like to know if you have automated any difficult task using simple systems.  Let me know how it helped you.

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Available in ebook, print and audiobook

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