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How to get results from great ideas you already know? [1 of 2]

We read a lot of self-help content from non-fiction books and various other sources from successful people.  We read secrets and tactics that made others successful.  But when we try to emulate them, we often fail to realize the same results that others already achieved.

Ever thought, what’s going on here?

Many a times when people get to know a successful idea or tactic, they feel like they understood the concept and think of doing it later, but never actually do it.  Some people try to implement ideas as they were read or heard, but often fail to realize the stated benefit and then finally avoid trying, thinking that they are different or that idea is not applicable for them.

Most of the self-help content that we read or hear from successful people is lost in the first 5 minutes itself, because of a human attitude called, ‘Nod and Shrug Effect’. People usually say, ‘yeah, yeah, I should do that’ – then they forget about it.

The most common reason why people nod at new ideas and leave them without implementing is that the problem may not be painful enough to take a serious action or they do not have right systems in place to take action.

When there is a pressing need, people really try hard implementing proven ideas, but often fail because they do not have right systems to implement ideas successfully.  I want to help such people succeed.

I have a system for those who want to realize benefit from proven ideas that have already transformed others.

I build my own terms and conditions for great ideas that I want to implement.

Any piece of advice for success or self-help is conceptualized in a certain context.  The advice may look so compelling with promising results, but it does not guarantee that it works for you.  Often, self-help content does not come with ‘terms and conditions’ that we generally notice in commercial situations.  Terms and Conditions can be articulated for a product or service, but it is difficult to enumerate the conditions for an advice.

It is ironical that we take utmost care to ensure the terms and conditions of an expensive product or service we buy, but we generally ignore the fact that a great idea also come with its own terms and conditions. We need to find those terms and conditions in order to realize the desired results.

Great ideas are synthesized so much so that they look simple, easy to understand but generally hard to implement, because they are not yet been contextualized to your personal life. You have to do that. Very few ideas work as they are stated unless you contextualize them to suit your personal circumstances.

Obviously you don’t know how to personalize great ideas in your first attempt. So trying is not enough, you need to TEST every trial and then modify your approach until you get the desired outcome.

The beauty of this system is that it keeps failure away from your process treating it as part of your process. The fear of failure is the most common reason behind not attempting. Once you understand that failure is actually part of your process, you keep on testing your ideas until you are successful.

I have realized unbelievable results with this single idea – Do not just try, but test every attempt and modify your approach until you get desired outcome.

Action for Today

Do you remember any instance in your life where you tested an idea until you get the results you wanted? Just think about it again how that process lead to successful results.

I request you to think of a great idea that you always wanted to implement but could not do it somehow.  Test your attempts until you find your own terms and conditions that give you the resulted you expected.  Let me know your experience.

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Available in ebook, print and audiobook

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